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Vinyl Portrait Album

portrait of an american family vinyl album marilyn manson vintageIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The early days of Marilyn Manson (And The Spooky Kids) were full of color, decadence and freakishly outlandish stage antics that we will never see again! Marilyn Manson himself noted that the band’s evolution from Portrait and Smells Like Children to Antichrist Superstar was a change from a punk-rock driven, cartoonish image to a darker sound and a much more serious image. Regardless, the Portrait of an American Family (also known as the Spooky Kids era) showcases the very exciting rise of the Antichrist Superstar from cross-dressing, striped-socks dawned freak show to the Antichrist Superstar himself. Features the band’s earliest hit songs “Lunchbox” “Get Your Gun” and “Cake and Sodomy.” Also comes with the rare Portrait of an American Family shirt.

How much? $309

Where from? Amazon.com

Vinyl Record Tips & Tricks

-Keep your record collection in a clean, dry area away from windows, water and humidity.

-Keep records in a vertical position – do not lean them.

-Avoid heated surfaces and direct sunlight

-Plastic sleeves should not be used to store vinyl records

-Avoid touching the record surface itself. Doing so may scratch the surface and damage the record.

-Keep your turntable closed while in use if it has a lid.

-Handle the edges of the record with care when removing it.