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Portrait Shirt


marilyn manson portraif of an american family shirtIf you were fortunate to grow up during the early 90’s, then you likely witnessed the meteoric rise of Marilyn Manson. But if you were incredibly lucky, you were a fan of his first album Portrait of an American Family. It was a colorful, angsty and exciting era for the young Marilyn Manson long before he appeared on MTW with his breakout music video Sweet Dreams. This shirt features the full-color original album cover and on the back, written in the signature bright green logo color, is the same text that appears on the physical CD – “You Cannot Sedate All The Things You Hate.”

How much? $9.90

Where from? Amazon.zom

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Washing / Drying Tips & Tricks

-Turn T-shirt inside-out before washing and drying to protect the graphic ink.

-Use cold water only and a medium dryer temperature – too much heat may damage the graphic.

-Do not soak T-shirt for too long – doing so may also damage the graphic.

-Do not hang-dry – doing so may cause the neck to stretch.

-Use stain-remover on food or other chemical stains immediately after staining the shirt.

-Do not bleach.

-Separate white shirts from color shirts when washing. This will prevent color fading.

-Read and follow other instructions on the label / tag found inside of the shirt.

-If you do hang-dry, do not keep it out in the sun for too long. Doing so may cause color to fade.