Holywood Action Figure


“Dear God, your sky was as blue as a gun-shot wound…” Here, we have Marilyn Manson in all of his Holywood-era glory. Standing at 7 1/2 inches tall, it makes  the perfect crown-piece to any Marilyn Manson memorabilia collection. Includes a shotgun, a two-headed goat, a variant head and an alternative stand with articulated tendrils. Each of the Marilyn Manson action figures is now discontinued, making them very rare collectable items.When the first Marilyn Manson action figure series came out, Marilyn Manson chose to go with Japanese toy designers rather than American because he found them “more daring.” Not many other toys can get any more daring than one crafted after the Antichrist Superstar himself. Featuring intricate, highly-detailed design, bright color and very carefully sculpted shape molding. Features both of Marilyn Manson’s cyaegha tattoos on either of his arms, though he had 9 at the time of the crafting. Also features the Mercury symbol on his body. This action figure is truly something out of Holywood itself! It will scare the hell out of the rest of your collectable action figures! It is a part of the now discontinued Marilyn Manson Fewture Models Action Figure series.

How much? $94.99

Where from? Amazon.com