Disposable Teens Action Figure

Marilyn Manson Disposable Teens Action Figure

This super-rare action figure is guaranteed to blow any Marilyn Manson memorabilia collector’s mind! Hailing from the same era that brought you Guns, God and Government, this action figure by Fewture Models features pain-staking detail and immaculate sculpting, making it one of the most terrifying action figures ever molded.  Includes several additional pieces including Marilyn Manson’s famous prosthetic limbs. This action figure is carefully crafted after Marilyn Manson as he appeared in the “Disposable Teens” music video, as you can see his hair slicked back and appearing to be wet. Also features thin, black lines painted onto the forehead of the additional head piece, reminiscent of the “Smells Like Children” era.When the first Marilyn Manson action figure series came out, Marilyn Manson chose to go with Japanese toy designers rather than American because he found them “more daring. Each of the Marilyn Manson action figures is now discontinued, making them very rare collectable items. Make this your new favorite collectable action figure or give the ultimate gift to your fellow Marilyn Manson fanatic today! It is a part of the now discontinued Marilyn Manson Fewture Models Action Figure series. It was designed by Yasushi Nirasawa and sculpted by Yoshihiro Saito.

How much? $119.00

Where from? Amazon.com