Jesus T-Shirt

vintage marilyn manson shop jesus shirtThis retro Marilyn Manson shirt is a one-of-a-kind old school goodie featuring Jesus in triple vision with a crown of green thorns wrapped around his heads. Guaranteed to piss off a whole lot of Christians. The text located on the bottom of the shirt read “SEE NO TRUTH, HEAR NO TRUTH, SPEAK NO TRUTH” Comes in sizes large and medium, 100% cotton. All original design. Ships from Thailand, handling time is about two days.

How much? $11.06

Where from?

Washing / Drying Tips & Tricks

-Turn T-shirt inside-out before washing and drying to protect the graphic ink.

-Use cold water only and a medium dryer temperature – too much heat may damage the graphic.

-Do not soak T-shirt for too long – doing so may also damage the graphic.

-Do not hang-dry – doing so may cause the neck to stretch.

-Use stain-remover on food or other chemical stains immediately after staining the shirt.

-Do not bleach.

-Separate white shirts from color shirts when washing. This will prevent color fading.

-Read and follow other instructions on the label / tag found inside of the shirt.

-If you do hang-dry, do not keep it out in the sun for too long. Doing so may cause color to fade.