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Holywood Vinyl

One of Marilyn Mansovintage marilyn manson holywood shopn’s most brutally honest and controversial albums in his career – Holywood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death – can now be added to your vinyl collection! Released in November of the year 2000 in the dark light of the Columbine shootings (in which Marilyn Manson was widely blamed for), this album demonstrated the band’s return to industrial and harder rock sounds in comparison to the polished, glam-rock Mechanical Animals. Holywood produced several of Marilyn Manson’s greatest hits, including “Fight Song” and “Disposable Teens” while also producing his only live tour DVD “Guns, God and Government.”

How much? $175

Where from? Amazon.com

Vinyl Record Tips & Tricks

-Keep your record collection in a clean, dry area away from windows, water and humidity.

-Keep records in a vertical position – do not lean them.

-Avoid heated surfaces and direct sunlight

-Plastic sleeves should not be used to store vinyl records

-Avoid touching the record surface itself. Doing so may scratch the surface and damage the record.

-Keep your turntable closed while in use if it has a lid.

-Handle the edges of the record with care when removing it.